Thursday, September 18, 2008

Beautiful Baby Blaise!

Amanda was a friend of mine from high school. I was so excited to do this photoshoot for her because it is always soooo nice catching up with WCA friends. Plus, she has a sweet baby boy. Her son, Blaise, and her husband, David, and I went on a nice long session in Tower Grove Park and at their house. I had soooo many adorable images of this family. I can only show a few here, so enjoy them!

*Favorite picture of the session!*

Awe, a sleeping baby...I love this one, especially his lips!
David playing with Blaise on the run...look at Blaise's little hand on David's forehead.

David said that he really would like some pictures of him holding Blaise while he was crying. I am to please...WINK!


Melaina said...

What an adorable family!!! (wink, wink) Great photography too!

Amanda Baca said...

Kristen, you are amazing! Thank you so much for blessing us with such an incredible gift! I love the bench one too (with the palm tree in the background! How cool is that?) and the B&W one on the rug. I can't wait to develop them!

CJC said...

they are beautiful! you did a great job!
christina campbell nixon

Dorinda Peyton said...

The first one is my fave... beautiful light! I'm excited to catch up next weekend!

Anonymous said...

First off your pictures are wonderful! Second, this may be a strange request but could you tell me where they got their (adult) bedroom bedding?