Friday, October 31, 2008

Erika & Greg's Wedding Day!

Erika & Greg are such an amazing couple! They got married earlier this month and Tony shot their gorgeous outdoor wedding. This wedding had soooo many special touches!!! Erika's two beautiful children were very involved in the wedding and had vows of their own to take. It was an intimate ceremony full of love!

This is by far my favorite getting ready picture. How cute is it that Erika helped her groom in his final preperations?

Arriving on a horse drawn carriage...

Great shot of the entire wedding...shot by Rebecca. She came in from Kentucky to shoot BOTH Tony and my wedding...she rocks!!! Thank you, Rebecca!

Favorite personal touch of the wedding! Instead of a unity candle, they sipped out of the same wine glass...then the pastor dumped out the remainder because this was shared between them alone, forever.

Greg's company, St. Louis Carriage Company, was AMAZING. They had the most beautiful horse and carriage. So if you are downtown this holiday, go on a romantic carriage ride!

This is my favorite detail shot of the night.

Fav of the day...these two were so cute together!

What a gorgeous family!

These two just lit up when they were around each other.



In October, Tony and I both had a wedding on the same day! That's right, I shot Ryan & Sharon's wedding that day and Tony shot Greg & Erika's wedding that was crazy! We had such a great time and our awesome assistant, Rebecca, who came in from Kentucky to shoot both weddings with us...brave! We had a great day and two amazing couples! Here are a few shots of us, thanks to Rebecca. Note, I did feel a little bit like super woman after I had been shooting for 12 straight hours.

Us and our gear after Erika & Greg's wedding....I came to Tony's wedding after mine...I just got there for the reception, but it was oh, so much fun.

A kiss for a job well done.


Okay, so over the last four weeks, Tony and I have both been REALLY busy shooting weddings and family sessions. We were getting ready for posting when we got super sick! UGH! (I remember why I hate winter...besides the holidays...wink) Tony, Jadyn, and I have been battling this terrible cold, although it sounds too undramatic to only call it a "cold", for almost a week solid. The sleepless nights, continual coughing, and not being able to breathe has made it a challenging week!

We thought we would leave you with a little preview of Tony's wedding he shot in October...more of Erika and Greg SOON.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Malawy Family

What could be cuter than a sweet 4 week old baby girl? How about TWO sweet baby girls! Introducing the Malawy Twins: Ellery and Issabella in their first photoshoot!

Josh, Gina, and I all went to high school and it was so neat to catch up with them while at there house taking their family pictures...but the focus was definately on the TWINS! These two little babies are 4 weeks and not even six pounds. (Jadyn weighed more at!) Ellery and Issabella are very blessed to have these two as parents. Josh kept talking about what a great mom Gina was and they were both sooo wonderful with these two little ones.

Gina with Issabella...I really like how she looks so content with her mommy.

Favorite of the DAY!!!!

Gina was sooo sweet with both of the girls...I really like this kiss picture of Ellery! It just shows how much she loves these two.

I am glad she had these two dressed a little differently...I could NOT tell them apart! This is Ellery.

Just when I was starting to pose them, I saw this shot. They were naturally interacting with the girls...I love it!


Ellery sleeping so soundly in the basket...I just didn't want to move her!

This is definately going on my website.

Josh and Gina were married under this tree. We definately had to take a few poses under it.

This session was a two plus hour session due to taking individual and twin pictures. There were over 200 on Facebook, there are 60 pictures...check them out! Also, I couldn't narrow this post to 10 pictures...but because there are two babies, I thought going over was only fair.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Goldens

Meet Liz & Josh Golden...two extremely talented and amazing up-in-coming singer/songwriters. Liz & Josh are getting ready to fly to L.A. this week to meet with their manager and they both need some more portfolio pictures. We set off on a 10 hour session throughout STL to be able to get MANY different locations...including our own personal concert at The Duck Room.

Enjoy these photos and then go check out their music and support them. Click on "Liz" to see her MySpace site, Click on "Josh" to see his MySpace site. Oh, my favorite song from Liz is "Do You Remember Me" and from Josh is "I Fall Down."

I love this shot of Liz in The Duck Room.

And now, Josh...

Love the focus here on his guitar...but he also looks great, too.

Favorite action shot of Josh performing!

Due to the nature of this "situation," pictures will NOT be posted on FACEBOOK nor our WEBSITE at this time.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Elsa: Senior Portrait Session

I have been very blessed to take photographs of some of the most beautiful and sweet senior women this year...and Elsa is no exception. Just talking to Elsa makes me smile. Elsa and I used to go to the same church and while she was a junior she told me, "I want you to do my senior session..." I was very excited, but her senior year seemed sooo far away, but as always, the time just flew by. We just did her session and we had an amazing time! She is one of the SWEETEST people I have ever met! She loves the Lord and loves life...what a great thing to shine through in your senior pictures!
Check out her senior session that we took in and around St. Alban's Golf Course. ENJOY!

In the pumpkin patch...

Now, what are gords really? HUM??

Elegant beauty...

This just encapsulates her personality...I love her smile and the golf course in the reflection of the glass.

Talk about my FAVORITE picture of the session. The light was just perfect for this shot.

Congrats, Elsa. Have an amazing senior year!