Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sarah and Nathan

Sarah and Nathan are such an amazing couple. They have an amazing love story...they have know each other since they were very young. It was neat to hear about how God brought them together after years of know each other and Sarah having a crush on Nathan. There was a lot of laughing and giggling during this session, which I just loved! We had a great time and I cannot wait till their wedding in May. Plus, an added bonus to this session was the gorgeous fall leaves!

I love this kissing picture, my favorite kissing picture of the session!

I love the fall!

Sarah had an awesome tattoo that had to make it into the shoot...

Favorite picture of the session. This was a really steep hill with a ton of plants. They walked down it like champs. I really love their expressions and how everything around them is faded by this.

Okay, so Nathan is always laughing and smiling! I would ask him to give me a model or serious look and he could hold it for only a second. That is the case in the picture honestly, that is one of the main reasons is really like this picture.

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