Friday, October 31, 2008


In October, Tony and I both had a wedding on the same day! That's right, I shot Ryan & Sharon's wedding that day and Tony shot Greg & Erika's wedding that was crazy! We had such a great time and our awesome assistant, Rebecca, who came in from Kentucky to shoot both weddings with us...brave! We had a great day and two amazing couples! Here are a few shots of us, thanks to Rebecca. Note, I did feel a little bit like super woman after I had been shooting for 12 straight hours.

Us and our gear after Erika & Greg's wedding....I came to Tony's wedding after mine...I just got there for the reception, but it was oh, so much fun.

A kiss for a job well done.

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MELISSA said...

ive just been going back through all your past posts and love your photos!

would you mind sharing with me what kind of equipment you use?
i want to invest in some lenses and external flash as well as post production software, but im not sure what i want!