Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Malawy Family

What could be cuter than a sweet 4 week old baby girl? How about TWO sweet baby girls! Introducing the Malawy Twins: Ellery and Issabella in their first photoshoot!

Josh, Gina, and I all went to high school and it was so neat to catch up with them while at there house taking their family pictures...but the focus was definately on the TWINS! These two little babies are 4 weeks and not even six pounds. (Jadyn weighed more at!) Ellery and Issabella are very blessed to have these two as parents. Josh kept talking about what a great mom Gina was and they were both sooo wonderful with these two little ones.

Gina with Issabella...I really like how she looks so content with her mommy.

Favorite of the DAY!!!!

Gina was sooo sweet with both of the girls...I really like this kiss picture of Ellery! It just shows how much she loves these two.

I am glad she had these two dressed a little differently...I could NOT tell them apart! This is Ellery.

Just when I was starting to pose them, I saw this shot. They were naturally interacting with the girls...I love it!


Ellery sleeping so soundly in the basket...I just didn't want to move her!

This is definately going on my website.

Josh and Gina were married under this tree. We definately had to take a few poses under it.

This session was a two plus hour session due to taking individual and twin pictures. There were over 200 on Facebook, there are 60 pictures...check them out! Also, I couldn't narrow this post to 10 pictures...but because there are two babies, I thought going over was only fair.

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