Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Sofia Hope has arrived!

Kyle and Ashely just welcomed home their sweet Sofia Hope into the world. Okay, if you are pregnant, do not continue ready, just look at the sweet pictures....for everyone else...Ashely had a very hard pregnancy. She was sick (i.e. vomiting) for 40 WEEKS STRAIGHT!!!! They chose the middle name "Hope" to give her hope as she was sick throughout her pregnancy. So needless to say, they were very much looking forward to having Sofia.

Enjoy these pictures from Ashely's birth...more to come of baby Sofia's four week session soon. Congrats Kyle and Ashely. (P.S. Ashely is one of my best friends...we went to high school together, college together, and were in each others weddings. So this birth was extra special to me!) P.S. Sofia came on her due date!! What a prompt little girl!

Ashely before pushing...she was very calm. I love her sweet expression here.

And now, the fun of pushing...WINK! Actually, Ashely did amazing! She was such a champ!

Sofia is almost here...

Kyle cutting the cord.

I love this picture of Kyle. First of all, he is supporting his team!!! Second of all, I love his expression of love towards his baby girl!

Beautiful Sofia Hope!!!

I had never personally seen this, but the nurse, who was actually a girl Ashely and I went to high school with, put the ink print on Kyle's hand...this was sooo neat!

FAVORITE picture of the NIGHT!!! Kyle's expression of the upmost care as he hands off Sofia to Ashely and Ashely's awed look is absolutely priceless.


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