Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Goldens

Meet Liz & Josh Golden...two extremely talented and amazing up-in-coming singer/songwriters. Liz & Josh are getting ready to fly to L.A. this week to meet with their manager and they both need some more portfolio pictures. We set off on a 10 hour session throughout STL to be able to get MANY different locations...including our own personal concert at The Duck Room.

Enjoy these photos and then go check out their music and support them. Click on "Liz" to see her MySpace site, Click on "Josh" to see his MySpace site. Oh, my favorite song from Liz is "Do You Remember Me" and from Josh is "I Fall Down."

I love this shot of Liz in The Duck Room.

And now, Josh...

Love the focus here on his guitar...but he also looks great, too.

Favorite action shot of Josh performing!

Due to the nature of this "situation," pictures will NOT be posted on FACEBOOK nor our WEBSITE at this time.

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