Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Sydney & Luci: Twin Session

Sydney & Luci are just adorable. They are almost three but have an amazing vocabulary, so they were able to talk, talk, and talk some more. They both have such sweet spirits but they two totally different people. During the session, I would ask them to do something and Luci would say, "yes," but as soon as Sydney said, "no", then Luci changed her
I had a great time with both of them...though with taking pictures with two two year olds, I had to be very, very quick.

Miss Luci

Miss Sydney

Silly faces...they are still sooo cute!

A casual shot on the couch...I love her eyes! They are sooo deep.

Another casual shot on the couch, Sydney was watching "Spirit" (a horse movie), I love her sweet expression here.

The Mabrey Girls....adorable little twins.

(Additional pictures will be added to Facebook later this weekend.)

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Anonymous said...

Luci and Sydney are our nieces, so although we are a bit biased, your photography work with them is incredible! You have such a creative way to photograph without the subject looking staged.
Great work!

Chris and Susan Mabrey