Friday, October 31, 2008

Erika & Greg's Wedding Day!

Erika & Greg are such an amazing couple! They got married earlier this month and Tony shot their gorgeous outdoor wedding. This wedding had soooo many special touches!!! Erika's two beautiful children were very involved in the wedding and had vows of their own to take. It was an intimate ceremony full of love!

This is by far my favorite getting ready picture. How cute is it that Erika helped her groom in his final preperations?

Arriving on a horse drawn carriage...

Great shot of the entire wedding...shot by Rebecca. She came in from Kentucky to shoot BOTH Tony and my wedding...she rocks!!! Thank you, Rebecca!

Favorite personal touch of the wedding! Instead of a unity candle, they sipped out of the same wine glass...then the pastor dumped out the remainder because this was shared between them alone, forever.

Greg's company, St. Louis Carriage Company, was AMAZING. They had the most beautiful horse and carriage. So if you are downtown this holiday, go on a romantic carriage ride!

This is my favorite detail shot of the night.

Fav of the day...these two were so cute together!

What a gorgeous family!

These two just lit up when they were around each other.


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